Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell is a certified financial planner and a relationship coach. Janice combines practical wisdom with compassion to support people in identifying and living both their financial values and their personal values.

Janice specializes in bringing clarity to complex situations. With clarity, a person is able to resolve their inner conflicts and articulate who they are and who they aren’t as well as discern what they want and what they don’t want. This honest communication results in quick and effective resolutions leaving both parties feeling empowered and satisfied with the results.

Janice Campbell hosts a weekly Receive Your Life radio show on UnityOnlineRadio.

“Janice pierced right through to the heart of my concern so quickly that I might have felt uncomfortable, if it weren’t for this huge wave of love and respect I felt from her. That was what made it easy for me to let her words of advice in so deeply. And I think that’s why things changed so fast for me after that.”