Integrative Mediation Model

At NCMC, we use a model of mediation with two mediators, including an Attorney and a Certified Financial Planner, both of whom are also relationship coaches. Both mediators are present for all sessions and together charge the same hourly rate as for a single mediator. This mediation model is customized to each couple’s situation, streamlines the mediation process, clarifies the financial options, and consequently saves clients time and money.

Our goal is to help clients reach a mutually acceptable sustainable agreement in which:

1) both parties obtain what is most important to them,

2) without diminishing the other or oneself.

As a client, this model will empower you to:

  • Come from a place of strength during the mediation process.
  • Gain greater clarity about what you want and don’t want.
  • Bring awareness to where and why you may be compromising yourself.
  • Transcend your compromises into honesty around your wants and needs.
  • Increase confidence in your financial decisions.
  • Make wise and durable decisions that honor both of you.

Our co-mediators are:

Certified Financial Planner

Please call 415-461-6392 for more information and about scheduling and fees.

"Your calm presence, skills, knowledge and empathy assured that
the occasion would be a constructive and civil one for us."
— former client